Instocks galore!

Payments & Collections,

I only do meet ups.
(I live in the North)

I'll only wait for 15 mins max, if not either I'll leave or $1 for 5 mins,
& so on.

Purple Line -
Punggol to Potong Pasir ; $1
Boon Keng to HabourFront ; $1.50

Only at Seng Kang LRTs
Kangkar - FOC
Rest of the LRTs - 60 cents

Green & Red Line -
I don't do meet ups there unless I'm passing by. (e.g. to watch a movie)

Other places -
Rivervale Plaza ; FOC
North Spring Primary School ; FOC
Seng Kang Secondary School ; FOC only on school days (or else no meet-ups available)

P/S : If I'm passing your place/station/LRT, meet up fares will be FOC.