Instocks galore!

T  & Cs,

1. No backing out once you confirm your orders, if not - blacklisted.
2. Same goes to MIA & backing out, unless you have a very very very good reason.
3. Please understand that as a student, I might be busy at times, so don't pester me to do meet ups when you're free & I'm not.
4. I'll not entertain any bargains 'cause I've already stated the cheapest price, unless there's any clearance sale/anniversary.
5. I don't entertain people with attitude problem.
6. If I'm passing your place (e.g for a movie), the meet-up cost will be FOC.
7. My number will be given to you when only in need, don't ask me.
8. Swaps welcomed, only if I'm interested in your item.
P/S : T & Cs might be edited without prior notice.